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Due to the current scheduling of cannabis as a Schedule I drug, we are unable to provide services with Insurance. Due to federal classification, Insurances will not knowingly cover cannabis expenses including: medical certifications or medicine. With your health in mind, our pricing structure for evaluations are affordable for all income levels. All our clinics offer payment plans for services, Excluding massage services, and we except all major credit or debt cards and cash for payments. 



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Annual requirements

Prices: $40 plus tax or $50 plus tax with priority mailing included

Note: If additional applications such as caregivers or personal production licenses are needed, Mailing may not be an option. 

Once you have been issued a NM medical card, a yearly certification is required. NEW GUIDELINES will issue a medical card with 3(three) dates: two annual recertification dates and one expiration date. ALL dates require a certifying medical providers evaluation and renewal application submission to the State of New Mexico Medical Cannabis Program.  Failure to renew and submit a yearly certification on your annul recertification dates, will allow the DOH to deactivate your card internally in the system, meaning dispensaries will not be able to honor your card. Your annual renewal dates you will not receive a card as you have the card in your possession. On the third renewal, your expiration, the State will replace your card with three more years of coverage with the above guidelines of renewing annually.

NOTE: At any point you lose your ID card, you will need to submit a lost or stolen replacement card form and a new card will be issued with the same dates as your lost or stolen card. 

If your card lapses for any reason, for any amount of time, you are still considered a renewing patient. In order to be an active again, you will need to submit recertification paperwork signed by both the patient and your certifying medical provider to regain access to the program.  
To ensure there are not lapses or time without coverage, renewal applications should be submitted 30 to 60 days no more than 90 days BEFORE your cards annual recertification date or expiration date. This allows the DOH to update your status in the system or print a new card if it has reached its expiration date. 

Ready to make my renewal appointment, Here's how? 

  1. Schedule an appointment with one of our office locations. You will need to bring your NM ID or NM Drivers License, your old card( optional and your office visit fee. (No medical records are needed to renew) 

  2. Submit your application to DOH. You have the option to mail on your own or as a service we provide priority mailing for a small fee. 

  3. State will issue or update your current card. If you are on an annual renewal year at this time no correspondence from the state will be sent to you. If you are on an expiration year, your new card should arrive 4 to 6 weeks from submission. 


Putting Patients First

Price: $80 plus tax (includes mailing UNLESS additional applications are needed for submission. Otherwise mailing would rely on the patient.

New Patient Requirements: 

  • Must have medical documentation of chronic and debilitating medical condition( See list below) 

  • Must have a valid NM ID or NM Drivers license

  • Medical records must meet state requirements

Interested in obtaining your medical cannabis card in New Mexico below is a list of medical conditions approved for the use of medical cannabis in New Mexico:

  • Alzheimer's Disease

  • Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)

  • Anorexia (severe)/ Cachexia

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder

  • Cancer

  • Crohn's Disease

  • Damage to the Nervous Tissue of Spinal Cord

  • Epilepsy/ Seizure Disorder

  • Friedreich's Ataxia

  • Glaucoma

  • Hepatitis C


  • Hospice Care

  • Huntington's Disease

  • Inclusion Body Myositis

  • Inflammatory Autoimmune-medicated Arthritis

  • Intractable Nausea/Vomiting

  • Lewy Body Disease

  • Multiple Sclerosis

  • Obstructive Sleep Apnea

  • Opioid Use Disorder

  • Painful Peripheral Neuropathy

  • Parkinson's Disease

  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

  • Severe Chronic Pain

  • Spasmodic Torticollis (cervical Dystonia)

  • Spinal Muscular Atrophy

  • Ulcerative Colitis

Ready to make an appointment, Here are the steps: 

  1. Obtain medical records or arrage to drop off records for review. Our office will obtain your medical records at no charge. If you have your records ( billing statements, social security disability rating sheet will NOT be accepted.) Must be complete medical notes from the last year of treatment. If you have your complete medical records, please arrange for a drop off, and we will review your medical records. In order to make an appointment, medical records must be submitted or received prior to scheduling an appointment. This process will ensure that when you are ready to meet with the certifying  medical provider and your application will be completed and submitted with no issues

  2. Appointment with certifying medical provider. Your appointment will be set and the completion of the application will be filled out will all required information and submitted to the New Mexico Medical Cannabis Program for final approval. 

  3. Once your application has been submitted, an average delay to receive your card in the mail is 30 to 35 working days, excluding holidays and weekends.) This is 4 to 6 weeks. This is normal. (There is expedited cases if your medical condition is Cancer or Hospice care, no other action will need to be taken as this is standard practice for these conditions.)

  4. Once you receive your medical card in the mail, now you may enter a dispensary and obtain medicine. If you are unsure of where to go or what you need, please call our office and we will direct you. 

  5. Remember to meet your annual renewal dates to keep your card active. 


The Support You Need

This service is specific to patients who believe they suffer from symptoms related to PTSD or Post- Traumatic Stress Disorder. This service is a Full evaluation service and is done in accordance with the  Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM–5) . Our medical staff that perform such evaluations, use this manual for diagnostic purposes. Patients who do not meet the criteria for this condition will receive a full refund on any deposits of full payments. (please review deposit policy)

Price: Due to the nature and length of these appointments, we require a $50 dollar deposit for your appointment at time of scheduling. We will not be able to hold an appointment without this deposit.  This deposit is always credited to your total amount due. 

Prepaid appointment: $120 plus tax 
Deposit only for scheduling: $135 plus tax( remember $50 will be credited and the balance will be do on completion of appointment. 

Refund Policy: Any deposit or full payment  made towards an evaluation may be refunded for the following: you decide not to complete appointment, Must cancel 24 hrs. before scheduled appointment time  or  Evaluation does not reflect PTSD as a clinical diagnosis. Refunds will be made right away with the original payment type.  Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE if a patient no calls or no shows to a scheduled appointment with no communication with office. Deposits will be held for future appointments but may not be refunded. Ultimately this process is in place to ensure the time of the provider and your time are both accommodated. 


The Support You Need

Personal Production Application( PPL)
Patients who are interesting in growing their one personal cannabis may do so by completing PPL application. This may be picked up in one of our office or downloaded from The New Mexico Department of Health website. This is an additional application and must be submitted to the State Department of Health. There is a $30 money order or check fee and requirements on renting or owning your home. Please see application for details. A separate card will be submitted to the patient with grow rights. In order to grow from year to year patients must complete both a patient application and a PPL. Unlike the patient registry, issued every 3 years, the PPL will be replaced and expire annually
Price: $30 money order or personal check made to Department of Health MCP or low income verification to wave fee. 

Caregiver Application

If you are in need to assistance, you may apply to add a caregiver to your patient registry card. Application is available in office but can also be downloaded at the New Mexico Department of Health website.  This application will allow a designated person to obtain your medicine in your absence as well accompany you if you need assistance. Requirements for such application requires a written medical justification from your certifying medical provider, caregivers NM ID (must be NM)  and the caregiver must complete a federal background check. All items must be submitted, with your caregiver application to the DOH. Once submitted, a caregiver card will be sent to the patient. 
Renewing a caregiver: Due to the DOH changes to registry patient cards in 2019, caregivers will be issued a card that reflects the expiration date of the patient they are designated from. As long as the patient fulfills their annual recertification dates the caregiver card will have continued access . If at any point the patient registry card is not renewed the caregiver and the patient will be placed on an inactive hold, until submitting of application is received by the DOH. If at any point of the life of the patient card, there is a change in caregiver, a new application will need to be submitted, changing designation of caregiver and a replacement card from the patient will need to be complete to change the designated caregiver to the new caregiver. 
Price: No patient charge, Caregiver must complete background check Range: $19.95 to $30 depends on third party agency.

Replacement Card Form

If your card is lost, stolen or needs updated changes, such as name change or caregiver, you will need to complete a replacement card form and submit to the DOH. They will process your request, change any information and return a new card to you. There is no charge if you are replacing a patient registry or caregiver card. PPL replacements will be assisted a $50 card fee made payable to the Department of health MCP, in order for a new card to be printed. 
Price: no charge unless PPL charge $50 to DOH

Unit Increase 

Once you receive your card every patient is entered into a system called Biotrack. This system is the universal system that tracks your cannabis purchases from each dispensary and is reported back to the DOH. Every patient is given the same units, 230 per 90 day rolling cycle. Once you hit your 90 days , your purchases first made will be began to fall off, freeing up the same amount of units that fell off. There are instances where medically patients are using more than their allowed units. If this happens, due to a medical need, not due to miscalculation of units by Biotrack, your certifying medical provider needs to submit an increase request. Our office does have an Increase protocol in place to asses those patients needs. We will request a 90 day purchase history to determine if your method of uses can be adjusted or tolerance is an issue. The increased amount of units is capped at 115 units, the increase amount will be determined by your consult and your history.  
Price: $20 plus tax ( includes a recheck with your medical provider and increase request)