Thank you for choosing AIM for your cannabis needs. 

Due to the current scheduling of cannabis as a Schedule I drug, we are unable to provide services with Insurance. Due to federal classification, Insurances will not knowingly cover cannabis expenses including: medical certifications or medicine. With your health in mind, our pricing structure for evaluations are affordable for all income levels. Payment Plans are available. 

**we except all major credit or debt cards and cash for payments. 

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***NEW*** Online Medical Cards Now scheduling

No need to travel or crowd into an office. AIM is now scheduling for telemedicine for all patients, new and renewing patients. Schedule your appointment virtually with our secure, HIPPA compliant ,Telehealth service. Receive card renewals or apply for a new card from the comfort of your home! NO App download! What you'll need: Pre- registration form, an email address, a smartphone or desk top computer with audio and visual and a few minutes of your time. 


Annual Recertification

Ready to make a renewal appointment, Here's how? 

1. Schedule an appointment with one of our office locations. You will need to bring your NM ID or NM Drivers License, your old card( optional and your office visit fee. (No medical records are needed to renew) 

2. Submit your application to DOH. You have the option to mail on your own or as a service we provide priority mailing for a small fee. 

3. State will issue or update your current card. If you are on an annual renewal year at this time no correspondence from the state will be sent to you. If you are on an expiration year, your new card should arrive 4 to 6 weeks from submission. 

Price: $40 

New Patient Enrollment

Considering medical cannabis?

1. Records. Provide a copy or sign Here and return. Records must be within the last year or obtain a letter from your doctor .

2. Consultation.  An in-person or online visit will be scheduled to complete application and discuss risks and benefits of cannabis.  
3. Submit Application. By mail or electronically (preferred)

4. Card Process. Once received  you will be sent a cannabis card that will allow you to enter the dispensaries. This process is 4 to 6 weeks. 2 weeks or less for cancer or hospice patients. 

5. You've got mail. The DOH will mail your card to the address you provided on the application. Remember all new patients receive an additional visit to discuss methods of use. 

Appointment fees: $80 plus tax

**Available In person or Online video and audio

PTSD Evaluation

Need to be diagnosed

This evaluation is specific to patients who believe they suffer from symptoms related to PTSD or Post- Traumatic Stress Disorder or do not have current records of their past PTSD assessments.  This service is a full screening service and is done in accordance with the  Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM–5) . Patients who do not meet the criteria for this condition will complete the cannabis evaluation as they would not have a qualifying medical condition.

Appointment fees: $130 
**Available In person or Online video and audio

Massage Therapy 

Looking to add self care to your wellness regiment? For maximum results a pre appointment questionnaire is provided detailing your past and present medical history, along with trauma related areas of concentration to ensure you and your body receive the best possible outcomes. Benefits of massage include:  Reducing stress and increasing relaxation. Reducing pain and muscle soreness and tension. Improving circulation, energy and alertness. Add CBD oil for extra pain relief and relaxation that will last until your next session. 

Appointment Fees: 
Cannabidiol Oil (CBD): 
15min to 90min - $40 to $120 
Basic Oil: 
15min to 90min - $40 to $100 


Caregiver Application

If you are in need to assistance, you may apply to add a caregiver to your patient registry card. This application will allow a designated person to obtain your medicine in your absence as well accompany you if you need assistance.

You will need: Complete application, NM ID and a federal background check. 

Appointment fee: AIM applicants (no app  charge) plus third- party background fees. Otherwise non-AIM patients $15 plus background check fees. 

Unit Increase

Once you receive your card every patient is entered into a system called Biotrack. This system is the universal system that tracks your cannabis purchases from each dispensary and is reported back to the DOH. Every patient is given the same units, 230 per 90 day rolling cycle. Once you hit your 90 days , your purchases first made will be began to fall off, freeing up the same amount of units that fell off. Running out of units we can help!

Appointment Fee: $20 plus tax ( includes a recheck with your medical provider and increase request) 

Replacement Card

If your card is lost, stolen or needs updated, such as name change or caregiver, you will need to complete a replacement card form and submit to the DOH.  Or submit your request through the newly established patient portal. DOH will process your request, change any information and return a new card to you. There is no charge if you are replacing a patient registry or caregiver card.